10 Things From September

10 Things From September

I’ve always enjoyed reading other peoples monthly round-up posts so I thought I would put together my own and therefore I am going to be sharing with you 10 things from September.

September is always a difficuilt month for me. A lot of my low periods of mental health have happened in September. So every year when it rolls around, I am a little more on edge and stressed.

Part of me feels apprehensive because I don’t know how it will go and the other part of me feels reflective of how far I have come, as well as what I still want to work on.

But September is definitely a transitional month, one where I feel like so many of us relate to it as almost like a fresh start, maybe because it reminds us of going back to school when we were younger or because there are only a few months of the year left and we need some extra motivation to finish the year off in a good way.

So how was my September?

1. Launched my new services 

At the beginning of September, I launched my new services for my business which are Instagram coaching packages for those who want to level up their Instagram. I’ve always wanted to add these packages to my business and they were always my initial idea before I even began my business.

I love helping others and being able to see them grow. It’s such a great thing to be apart of. I’m always looking for new people to work with so if you want to learn more you can here.

2. I won an amazing giveaway

I was lucky enough to win one of SO…? Fragrances Twitter giveaways. I was so shocked when the giveaway prize arrived at my door and I opened up this massive box to near enough 30 fragrances. I was so shocked at the generosity. I wasn’t expecting so many and now I know that I’m not going to need to buy any more body sprays for a good while!

3. Unbelievable on Netflix

You know when you go through phases where you can’t find anything good to watch or what you do find you can’t really get into?

Well, I had been going through that throughout the summer until I watched a limited series on Netflix called, Unbelievable.

I was literally hooked from the first episode and it’s the one series I would 100% recommend everyone watched. Although it might be triggering for people who have been through sexual assault, but it was honestly the best series I’ve watched in such a long time.

I’m so tempted to watch it again because it was that good!

4. Norwich vs Manchester City on my Dad’s Birthday

It’s no secret if you watch my Instagram stories that I love going to see my local football team at home or away games. Norwich played Manchester City on my Dad’s Birthday and it was such a nice way to spend his birthday together.

It was even better when we ended up winning. It was such a crazy atmosphere because coming into the game we had written ourselves off due to injuries and obviously playing a good team like Man City we thought we stood no chance.

But to come away with it winning was just so amazing. I will never forget it.

10 Things From September

5. I got a new phone

At the end of September, I got a new phone and went from my Iphone SE to the Iphone X. Matt upgraded to the new Iphone and kindly gave me his old one which I’m so grateful for because there was no way I would have been able to afford it off my own back.

He really does spoil me and I know that I am so so so lucky to be in this position. I couldn’t be more thankful for everything he does for me.

But it feels so good to finally have a better quality phone and it means I can use my phone to take more pictures for my content with because the quality is so much better. Although it was a bit weird going from a tiny Iphone SE to a much bigger Iphone X.

Because of this, it does mean I’m after a new phone case so let me know where your favourite place to get them are!

6. I completed my GoodReads goal

I set myself a goal of completing 10 books during 2019 and I was so happy when I managed to reach that. When my anxiety gets bad, I can find it really hard to read because I can’t concentrate or I’m just not interested so I wanted to set a goal that would challenge me but was also kind to me if that makes sense.

I’ve loved getting back into reading this year. It’s something I’ve loved ever since I was a child and I always find it’s such a great way to unwind, get off social media and to just escape into the pages of a book for a good hour or so.

7. I hit 1.9k on Instagram

I finally hit 1.9k on Instagram!

It had been a goal I had been working towards over the whole summer and I finally hit it the other day. Although it does keep going above and under 1.9k but even so I feel proud of myself for getting there. I’ve also started to work on a new theme on my profile so I’m so excited about that and this new change in content. I’ve been wanting to do something different for so long.

8. I got through it

As I mentioned above, September is always a tough time of the year for me. I really struggle with the transition from summer into autumn and over the years September has always been the year where I’ve suffered terribly with my mental health, but I wanted to acknowledge the fact that I got through it.

I feel so proud of myself because September was far from an easy month. Throughout most of it I felt in a very dark place and had some very dark thoughts for a reason I’m not going to go into today, I even relapsed a few times in certain areas, but I’m just so proud of myself for getting through it and managing to keep going. I feel in a much better place coming into October which is a great feeling.

9. Getting into my autumn wardrobe

Most years since I’ve been into fashion, I’ve always prefered summer fashion over any other time of the year but for some reason this year I am in love with autumn fashion. I’ve been buying so many cute pieces for my autumn/winter wardrobe recently and I’m loving wearing everything.

For once I actually feel confident and comfortable with what I’m wearing which is always a good feeling and what everyone wants to feel when wearing an outfit, right?

10. Embracing the season

For the past couple of years, I’ve really got into embracing each season that rolls around. I think this is a great approach to take especially if you’re someone who struggles with the changing of the seasons like me.

It’s a great way to give yourself something to look forward to and also find new comforts in the little things. I like to try get involved in seasonal things and I know now we’re coming into October I’m going to be embracing more of the autumn season like getting cosy on a cold night, going to a pumpkin patch and walking through the autumn leaves.

How was your September? What did you get up to?

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