10 Summer Inspired Self-Care Activities

10 Summer Inspired Self-Care Activities

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Sometimes self-care can be the last thing on your mind with the busyness that the summertime can bring from the number of social events increasing and deciding to opt for other activities now the nights are longer. Here are my 10 summer-inspired self-care activities that you can do to continue to look after yourself no matter what the season brings.

1. Go on a picnic – the summertime is the perfect excuse to unroll the picnic blanket, grab your favourite food and take yourself on a picnic. I definitely want to go on a picnic before the summer is over. It’s something I haven’t actually done in such a long time!

Head to your local field, park, beach or wherever you fancy. Go solo or with your loved ones. It’s a great way to get outside in the fresh air, enjoy some food and unwind. Bring your current read, your camera to snap some photos or your headphones to listen to some music.

2. Go on a mindful walk – never underestimate the benefits of a walk. I love getting outside and going on a walk. Even if it’s only a 10-minute walk around the block. It can make such a difference to your overall wellbeing. It always helps me to feel clearer and ground me.

Take a stroll through the woods, the beach, round a park or your nearest city/town. I always like to take in my surroundings or even just people watch. It definitely puts things in perspective. Plus it’s such an inexpensive summer-inspired self-care activity.

3. Take a break – even if you haven’t got the money to jet off somewhere or even have a staycation, taking regular breaks from your usual routine is so important. No one can work their best when they’re feeling burnt out and in need of a break.

As a freelancer, I try to take breaks at the weekend from working because if not I would continuously be working and it just wouldn’t be beneficial to me or the clients I work for.  Taking some time out from your regular every day can help you to recharge and reset, leaving you feeling energised and inspired to go again.

4. Relish in fun summer activities – there are so many fun things to do during the summer months. Go on a bike ride, have a BBQ, go swimming, have a water fight, make some tasty summer drinks, go on a day out somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.

I want to go fruit picking, go on a bike ride and get out on the canoe again before the summer is up. Scheduling in some fun summer activities can boost your endorphins and make you feel good all around.

5. Go exploring – if you really want to up your intellectual self-care and set yourself a summer challenge, then take yourself off and go exploring. Go somewhere new or where you’ve always wanted to go, get excited about the prospect of discovering something new, use your knowledge and skills to take you somewhere.

I love visiting new cities, going to new places and discovering new things. It’s so refreshing for the mind and really helps to expand your experience. You could visit a new city, set yourself a challenge of biking or walking to a particular place or go on a day trip somewhere.

This is definitely a summer-inspired self-care activity!

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10 Summer Inspired Self-Care Activities

6. Wear whatever the hell you want – summer can be a difficuilt time if you have body confidence issues, but I’m here to tell you that you should be able to wear whatever the hell you want to wear if it makes you feel comfortable.

Don’t compare yourself someone else and what they’re wearing. Own what you’re wearing and be proud of yourself for staying true to you. If it means exposing the parts of yourself you don’t love yet, covering up because you prefer to or sticking with your style and not the latest trends, then go for it.

Loving yourself is far more important.

7. Spend one-night stargazing – another way to get outside in nature and take in the peacefulness of the quiet night is by stargazing. Take yourself outside when it’s a clear night, lay down on a blanket, grab some company if you wish and look up at the stars.

This is such a great way to appreciate the beauty of the world, but also to unwind and relax from the day. Count how many stars you can see and if you fancy doing some research, look into what planets you might be able to see too.

8. Take a break from technology – most people during this time of the year don’t want to be stuck inside on social media or technology devices, so if you want a social media detox and to cut the amount of time you spend on technology then summer is the perfect time to do so.

I definitely tend to stay away from my phone more during the warmer months of the year because I’m busy doing other things. It’s always good to reduce your screen time and spend more time doing other self-care activies that help to replenish your wellbeing.

9. Get creative outside – being creative is one of my favourite things ever. I took my laptop outside the other night to get some blog posts written. It was so nice to be out there writing. So if you’re like me and love being creative, then bring your creativeness outside and use it as your summer-inspired self-care activities.

Do some outdoor painting, plant some seasonal flowers and plants, take some photos with your camera, do some colouring with those ever so popular adult colouring books, bring your blog outside as I did.

10. Pick up some summer reads – Another way I love to get outside during the summer is by bringing whatever book I’m currently reading outside. I’ll cosy up on the lounger outside with a refreshing drink nearby and get through a few chapters in the late afternoon or early evening sunshine.

Pick up some summer reads that are either about the summertime or travelling if you really want to get in the mood for the summer. Plus you could go for something inspirational and motivational that give you that boost of inspiration to get you through the next half of the year. I just finished reading The Girl On The Train and I’m now onto The Flat Share.

What are your favourite summer inspired self-care activities?

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