10 Ways To Use Sudocrem

10 Ways To Use Sudocrem
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If anyone was to ever ask me what product I always reach for and serves so many multi-purposes, then I would hands down always say Sudocrem. Sudocrem has been a brand that I have grown up loving. It’s always been in my house right from when I was young and even nowadays I find so many good uses for it.

It’s such a family classic for me and one that I even bring away with me whether I’m off on a night away, a weekend away or even on holiday. It comes with me everywhere because I find that I end up using it for so many different things.

I even wrote a blog post a couple of years back about the one spot treatment I’ll never stop using which was, of course, Sudocrem and still to do this day that statement is true. I haven’t stopped using it!

Here are 10 reasons why you need Sudocrem!

1. It really helps to treat acne and breakouts 

For me, I use Sudocrem week in and week out for this particular reason. Whenever I have a breakout, I always reach for Sudocrem to help ease any breakouts that I’m currently experiencing.

Recently I’ve tried a new contraceptive pill and my breakouts have been non-stop, so Sudocrem has been so helpful. I tend to pop it on over-night, so that it can work its magic and by morning my spots have reduced in size, the redness has eased and they feel less sore which is a massive bonus.

I find that it really helps to dry them out and because Sudocrem is an antiseptic it also stops your spots from getting infected.

2. It helps to stop chaffing 

I know the season of chaffing during the hot weather has slowly started to go away now the autumn months have no arrived, but I did not know until recently that Sudocrem actually helps chaffing.

So if you ever get any sore and red irritated skin where you’ve experienced chaffing for whatever reason, if you just pop on a bit of Sudocrem on these irritated areas, it can help calm and soothe the chaffing.

How good is that?

3. Sudocrem helps soothe sunburn 

If you’re off on a holiday or enjoying the nice weather no matter where you are in the world, Sudocrem can be your best friend if you experience sunburn.

Whenever anyone in my house gets sun-burn, we always make sure we put on some Sudocrem to soothe the burnt areas. My Mum actually ended up applying it all over the top of her chest when she got sun-burnt really bad to the point where she couldn’t even get to sleep.

But Sudo really helped to calm the sunburn and help her get back to sleep.

4. It helps your fake tan 

You know those times when you fake tan and it ends up getting a hold on the bottom of your feet and hands?

Yeah, it’s not always the best look and sometimes it can take so long for it to actually scrub off. Trust me, I have been there so many times, looking like an idiot with fake tan in all the wrong places.

But if you apply a thin layer of Sudocrem to the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet, it can actually prevent the fake tan from taking ahold and clinging to the areas that you don’t want it to be on.

10 Ways To Use Sudocrem

5. Sudocrem is great for sore nails

The other day I had a really sore nail. Somehow when I was trying on new boots I managed to pull my skin away from my nail so every time I used the finger with this sore nail it would sting so much.

It even made eating a problem so before I went to bed that night I popped some Sudocrem on under the nail where the skin was sore. By morning I was so shocked when I woke up and my nail felt back to normal again, there was no redness or any feelings of it being sore.

I knew Sudocrem was good but I didn’t realise it would help that fast!

If I ever have any sore nails, like when I get hang-nails and I pull the skin away from the nail to remove it (gross, I know) I’ll put some Sudocrem on it and it really does help to heal it.

6. It helps to soften and soothe dry heels

Who doesn’t love the feeling of soft and smooth feet?

Well, Sudocrem can actually soften and soothe any dry heels or any dry skin that you have on your feet. It contains an ingredient also known as Zinc Oxide which works by bringing new life to the skin.

It removes any dead skin cells that you have on your feet that is causing the dry skin and instead, leaving your feet feeling so soft. So essentially you don’t need to file, put on an exfoliating foot mask or some special foot cream because if you already have Sudocrem in the house, this will massively help.

7. It treats minor cuts and scrapes

Whether you’ve got a minor cut or scrape from shaving or an accident, Sudocrem works perfectly at helping to speed up the healing process. Because it contains antiseptic properties it helps it to work faster and therefore also prevents you from getting infections.

My mum always used to put this on when we were kids and we used to fall over out on our bikes grazing our knees or elbows. Ever since then we’ve always sworn by it and whenever someone has a cut or graze that needs attention, we just pop a bit of Sudocrem on.

10 Ways To Use Sudocrem

8. Sudocrem helps scars and stretch marks

If you have any scars or stretch marks that are irritated, then Sudocrem can actually help to calm any redness and instead keep the skin soft. My Dad actually came home from work the other week with a bad burn so he popped some Sudocrem on to help aid the healing of the scar and it really helped.

I actually apply Sudocrem over my spot scars sometimes and I definitely feel like it helps to heal them better than if I was to just leave them. The redness eases off and they are barely noticeable.

I’ve never actually tried it on stretch marks so I’ll have to give this a go and report back!

9. It helps dry skin 

If you ever have dry skin that gets sore and chapped, then Sudocrem works perfectly at soothing the sore area and alongside a moisturiser can actually speed up the healing process, so your skin can return back to feeling soft and smooth.

Whenever I have a cold and get a sore nose from constantly having to blow my nose, the skin around and on my nose can get really sore, dry and irritated so I always pop on a bit of Sudocrem around the problematic.

10. It helps insect bites

Touchwood I don’t ever really suffer from insect bites or if I do it’s very rare but I know that some people it can be quite a regular occurrence so if you are one of those people or you ever get one, Sudocrem can actually provide relief from itching caused by the bites.

So whether it’s the summer season or you’re off on holiday, know that Sudocrem won’t always have your back when you get sunburnt or when you want soft heels to wear your sandals, it will also help you with insect bites.

You can shop Sudocrem here.

What do you use Sudocrem for?

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