£1 Lip Liners by Essence

£1 Lip Liners Essence

£1 Lip Liners Essence

Essence is one of the brands you don’t hear too much about unlike other affordable brands like Rimmel. Essence is a brand that hasn’t been around for many years in the UK and has been more popular in other parts of Europe and the U.S. I saw these lip liners floating around the beauty world the past couple of months and was amazed when I found out the price of them. Surely for a product that’s only £1 your instant thought is ‘This cannot be true. They can’t be very good quality for a price like that’. After reading good comments about these lip liners, I flocked to my local Wilko’s to check out these lip liners for myself. 

So far, I haven’t been disappointed with the quality of these products. The formula of these liners are creamy and are so easy to glide onto the lips. The point doesn’t feel sharp or hard. It has more a softer feel to it and it helps to make the application easier. Also they do not feel drying on the lips which some liners do. However you could quite easily apply this product all over your lips to maintain your lipstick for longer. They feel like they’re strong and would not break easily, so you don’t need to worry about them snapping or anything breaking off when you’re in a hurry. All together there are 7 lip liners from this range, that are all easy to wear everyday colours. I picked up the shades ‘06 Satin Mauve‘ and ‘12 Wish Me A Rose‘. 

Satin Mauve is probably my favourite of the two. It’s a gorgeous pinky rosy nude colour and goes perfectly with Mac – Brave lipstick. The swatch appears quite dark but on the lips it’s the perfect rosy colour. This lip liner shade really helps to enhance your natural lips and create the illusion of fuller lips. The other shade Wish Me A Rose is a bright pastel pink colour that would work great for creating the perfect spring/summer lip. Again another great shade in enhancing a similar lip colour and making your lips look fuller.

Satin Mauve with Brave (Mac)

In terms of staying power, for an affordable lip liner like these from Essence they don’t last too long, but they do last longer than what you would expect from a cheap product. Yet you can’t really complain, because for £1 I think these lip liners are a great little investment to help create different everyday lip colours and you can save some money whilst doing so!

What are your thoughts on cheap brands? Have you tried these liners or anything from Essence?

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